Journeys: Inspiring Stories of Migration

Journeys: Inspiring Stories of Migration

Who can participate?

Anyone who arrived in their country of residence from any other country as a migrant or refugee after the age of 16. It doesn’t matter whether you arrived legally or illegally, so long as you now live and work legally in your country of residence.

What do you need to send?

1.   Your story, in either English, German or French. It doesn’t matter if you are not fluent any of these languages: we are looking for an interesting story, not a perfect essay.

Guiding questions can be: Where did you start your journey? What was the nature of your journey? Why did you leave? How did you get to your current country of residence? How did you find your new occupation or what motivated you to launch your new activities? What do you contribute to society and how? How can you inspire other refugees and migrants? How can you showcase the positive impact migration has on host countries, their economies, societies and individual people?

2.   Three photos which illustrate what you do. This can include a portrait. You can use any camera or a mobile phone.

3.   If you email your entry, a scanned copy of the signed Terms of Entry (for this, contact us at


Please send your entry to by December 31st 2020.

What are the selection criteria?

We are looking for genuine stories that will raise awareness about the positive impact of migration and inspire others to speak about their experience with migrating. We are not looking for the most artistic stories, but want to show what the most compelling stories are.


What is the prize?

Contributions will be printed, framed and exhibited in the European Parliament in Brussels. Three winners will be invited to attend the launch of the exhibition in Brussels in Spring 2021, travel and accommodation expenses covered. Each of the three winners will receive a 500 EUR prize.

Any questions? Just e-mail us at

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